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Hi, nice to meet you! We are the Howell family! We are believers and followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Starting from the beginning we want to tell you how our journey has brought us here.

new about usI, Sara have been a wedding photographer for 10 + years shooting at the neatest venues all across the US. Josh my husband has been shooting with me for about 7 of those ten years. After being married for a few years and having our first child we started looking at another source of income that would fit our family better and keep me at home more with our son.

Then after shooting at more sweet venues the idea occurred. Sedalia needs an event venue! And not only that, but something with heart and character, with rustic elegance and charm. What a great transition for us since we've been in the wedding industry for years and years! We prayed that God would help us find the perfect place if it was His will for us to start a venue. So the search began for the perfect piece of property to build this barn.

After that we had our second child. We searched and searched day and night for a piece of land that would work for our venture. Finally after two years we found it! After renovating a majority of our house we moved in. While we planned out how we would construct the barn, I used our land as a great background for shooting seniors, families, and more. Josh spent the whole winter in the blistery, cold weather tearing down old barn for the wood. He tore down barn after barn...mostly by himself with just a little help from a friend or family member here or there. We asked God if this was still the plan he had for our family...a way for us to have a second income so I could stay home with our children and home school while we teach them about taking care of animals, gardening and working hard on our land.

howell famThe desire to build the barn was still great within us and nothing was holding us back so we proceeded. In the meantime we had our third child. Just a few days before she was born we put our house on the line to get the loan to start building the barn. The dump trucks and the cement trucks and the excavators started arriving. How exciting! Then the Amish crews came. We wanted our barn to have lots of character so we had them reconstruct a frame from a hundred year old barn that was shipped all the way from Ohio. Then the roof, then the siding...hundred year old wood siding and rusty corrugated tin from the winter before that Josh took down.

The barn is now built as of April, 2015 and we've received an amazing response with bookings through the roof from all across Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, Nebraska and more. Praise the Lord! We are excited what God had planned for us. We are honored to have so many people helping us with the barn. Coworkers, family and friends have jumped in to help us build our dream not just for us but for the future of our little ones. Feeling honored and blessed we look forward to what the future holds for Heritage Ranch and how we can serve you. Thank you for visiting our website, now come check out the barn!

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