Crafting Lifelong Memories:
Our Heritage Ranch Calling

We are deeply honored and thrilled to embrace the cherished traditions of Heritage Ranch! From the very moment we set foot on this enchanting Sedalia property, it became abundantly clear that we had found our forever home.

The greatest treasures in our lives include our unwavering faith, boundless love, enduring marriage, and the warmth of our family. With six wonderful adult children, three cherished daughters-in-law, and two adorable grandchildren, every day is a precious gift filled with gratitude for the moments we share together, crafting beautiful memories.

Our years of experience in the wedding industry, coupled with our heartfelt passion for hospitality, have led us to a profound calling – to offer a sanctuary where families can forge extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime memories together. We wholeheartedly believe that Heritage Ranch embodies that extraordinary place, and we are deeply privileged to call it our own.

It would be our utmost pleasure to open our doors and share this incredible experience with you! Discover the heartwarming story behind Heritage Ranch and learn more about us.


Jeff and Kim Barnard

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