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Decorations? You can decorate however you want! We have no restrictions so decorate away!

Bathrooms? Men’s and Women’s handicap accessible.

Kitchen? We provide a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, running water and plenty of electricity for our guests to use along with a prep area. Caterers should come prepared with everything necessary to serve our guests.

Getting Ready Area? We have a super cute bridal suite located next to the bathrooms. Plenty of room to hang the dresses, put shoes, apply makeup, outlets for curling irons and it’s temperature controlled! A couch, chairs, benches, a full-length mirror and so much more. Not a bad place to take pictures in any direction! Same with the guy’s cabin.

Rehearsal Evening? When you book your wedding/reception at Heritage Ranch you will also receive an evening to have your rehearsal dinner. You are not guaranteed that the evening will be the evening before your wedding unless you book and pay for both days.

Temperature Controlled? Our vision for our barn is to look and feel like a hundred-year-old barn…which is what most of the materials are that went into the construction of building it. In order to keep the integrity and authenticity of an old barn, our venue will not have AC and heat. However, we will have an attic fan at the back of the barn keeping the air flowing throughout along with many many trees everywhere which provide wonderful natural shade in the evenings. For colder days we will provide restaurant-style standing patio heaters to keep the inside warmer.

Pets? As long as we know in advance that you will be bringing pets big or small you are welcome to have them on your big day! Even horses are allowed!

Fire? We allow smoking, sparklers, lantern send-offs and even fireworks (put off by HR staff) for your event as long as everything is done 20 feet or more away from the barn, HR staff is on hand and there are is not a “no burn” policy posted for Pettis County.

Vendors? You are free to bring any vendors you like to our barn. We don’t have any restrictions or preferred vendors so it is open to your choosing.

How do I book? We would love to host your event at Heritage Ranch! Please contact us to set up a tour and receive a contract. The deposit is $1000 to save your date(s) in pen. There is no holding dates. We take any form of payment.