Essential Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue

beautiful wedding venue in Phuket Thailand
Beautiful Wedding Venue in Phuket Thailand
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What’s first on your wedding planning to-do list? Putting out “Save the Date” cards? Picking Out Colours for Your Wedding? Most of the time, if you want a big wedding instead of an elopement, finding your spot will be the first thing you want to do! 

But how do you pick? You have to pick just one place out of ALL the available ones? You might feel like there are too many options at first, but with some planning, help, and a good way to narrow down your choices, you’ll find your dream spot in no time! So, we put together this blog to help answer some questions and give you tips on how to find your dream wedding venue.

Tips Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

Today’s brides and grooms always want a beautiful background for that all-important Instagram moment, but a careful wedding also thinks about the guests. A lively and flexible place should meet your design needs and make it easy for family and friends to get there. Here are some of the things you should think about when booking your wedding venue:

Size and Space 

Once you know the right number of guests, you need to make sure that the place you’re thinking about can fit all of your potential guests.

Location of Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is crucial. If you and your spouse have friends and family throughout the country (or the world), picking the proper location is crucial to ensuring as many people as possible can attend. Travel links are important if you have international guests. If you want older relatives to be present, consider how far they can travel.


Though not romantic, it’s vital. Even on a small budget, you can locate a beautiful setting! Talk to your spouse about your venue budget early on so you know what you’re dealing with. 


Would you rather be inside or outside? Why not have a wedding with a view and then celebrate with a sit-down dinner and dancing? It’s important to choose a place that fits your wedding day vision and can flow between your schedules without any problems so you can achieve your wedding day vision.


We cannot overstate how vital wedding lighting is, but it is often underestimated. Why spend thousands on a beautiful location if no one can see it? Make sure the venue’s lighting packages match your wedding theme and location. We recommend avoiding fluorescent and UV illumination (unless you’re having a glow-in-the-dark wedding). If all else fails, try DIY lights.


A dream day’s beauty starts and ends with the beauty of the place you’re in. Don’t give up when it comes to finding the perfect place to start your life together.

Wedding Theme

Make sure the location fits with the theme you’ve chosen. For example, a rural theme might not work at a fancy hotel. Think about how the different parts of your wedding, like the flowers and food, will look and feel together to create a cohesive atmosphere.

Keep An Open Mind

You won’t adore every location, but the unexpected one may blow you away! Stay open to new ideas, topics, and places, even if you think you know what you want. What you find in our list and how you feel when you look at it might surprise you. Have you ever thought about getting married in a cabin by the river, at the zoo, or in a beautiful picture house?

Trust Your Instincts

In the end, pick a place that fits your idea and feels right. Also, evaluate your venue coordinator interaction. You should feel comfortable and communicate easily with them. Trust your gut and choose a setting where you can celebrate your big day happily.

An Indian wedding venue, where a wedding is held

An Indian Wedding Venue, Where a Wedding is Held


When looking for the right wedding venue, you should think about things like size, location, flexibility, lighting, mood, and cash. Trust your gut, keep an open mind, and start your search early. Remember that the right place will not only match your theme but also make your big day one you will never forget. If you are planning to arrange a wedding, Heritage Ranch Wedding Venue is ready to assist you. You can contact us at our website to choose a wedding venue of your choice.


When Should You Book Your Wedding Venue?

Usually, you should try to book your spot between one and nine months before your wedding. If you can’t change your plans much, you might want to start looking more than a year ahead of time. Make sure you give yourself enough time to find the perfect wedding spot. It can take a few months.

How Long Does a Wedding Venue Viewing Last?

A viewing’s length depends on the facility’s size, the venue coordinator’s information, and your queries.

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